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Take Flight.

"We don't just analyze – we actively change the narrative of partnering with developers, pioneering a new era of collaboration and innovation."

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APIs & Cloud Services

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As most development groups in the modern age, we work with APIs in almost every project. From solar, to AI, to gaming - we are familiar with a wide range of APIs. Including some we built completely from scratch!

We are actively working towards a streamlined process to launch custom APIs for various business use-cases. For example: Our Ollama & NatALIE Interfaces both have the ability to work in a modular fashion, connecting to different models with a single click. Or our Generative D&D assistant. where creating an encounter may communicate with 3 or 4 endpoints in a reuqest!

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Language Models & How We Use Them

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When it comes to AI, we have three main goals: Improvement, Convenience, and Cost. AI is a constantly evolving part of the tech industry, and we aim to be at the forefront.

We have a collective 8 years of experience in natural language processing and machine learning, doing dozens of projects and making many partners along the way!
The VALDI Modular LLM is our featured project for this topic because it shows off some of our biggest strengths when it comes to AI.

• Seamless, straightfoward Interfaces
• Modular backend functionality
• Our incredible partner, VALDI
• Easy-to-understand documentation

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Data Analytics

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We have used, and created, a multitude of applications that deal with analyzing all forms of data. We believe that data is at the core of technology and finding innovative ways to process it is one of our strongsuits.

For projects that relate directly to data processing and analysis, NatALIE is our top candidate. The goal with NatALIE is to give the end user the ability to load context of any file into an AI's "memory" instantly, letting the user chat directly with the file in a human way instead of sifting through the details. Lastly, a large goal of ours is finding ways to accomplish complex ML tasks with purley open source technology.

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Business Automations

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Some of our first individual projects and contracts were auotmations for small businesses, and we have carried that into Dublit in a big way - creating applications that save valuable time and energy for employees of all levels.

We have a small collection of active developments for business automations. Our recent, and most advanced, is the PySAM-Server: an intuitive interface that allows you to interact with the PySAM library and various Solar APIs to analyze geographic plots on their viability in the planning of a solar project.

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about us


scott baker


Introducing Scott Baker, a tech-savvy entrepreneur armed with a Business Administration degree, majoring in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University. Scott's coding prowess spans Python, JavaScript, C#, SQL, and more, complemented by a knack for business intelligence and cyber defense.

Beyond the basics, he's delving into Unreal Engine and cloud services (AWS, Google, Azure, ICP) while wielding design tools like Adobe Cloud. Co-founder of My Sales League, Scott excels in frontend development and data visualizations, all while maintaining a client-centric approach. Co-founding Dublit, he's on a mission to reshape tech, blending technical expertise with approachable leadership on this exciting software development journey.


joe mennillo


Meet Joseph Mennillo, your friendly neighborhood Business Analyst extraordinaire! With a knack for understanding DeFi protocols, client needs, and platform discrepancies, he's been busy at NODE40, making magic happen. But wait, there's more! Joseph also brings his strategic prowess from his time at Spawn, a program dedicated to connecting students with industry leaders.

But here's the exciting part: armed with his IT wizardry cultivated at Founders Technology Group and Timex Group, Joseph has now co-founded Dublit, his very own tech venture. Get ready for a whirlwind of innovation and creativity, as Joseph channels his wealth of experience into creating some tech-tastic solutions!

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